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Garfunkel took the musical world by storm in the early 1960s as a member of the folk rock duo Simon & Garfunkel. The pair recorded five albums from 1964-70, featuring notable #1 hits like Mrs. Robinson, Bridge Over Troubled Water, The Sound of Silence and many more. Simon & Garfunkel went on to win 14 Grammy Awards and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990. Garfunkel released his types of gamblers first solo album, Angel Clare, in 1973. The album was his most successful solo work to date, peaking at #5 on the charts and featuring the Top 10 hit All I Know. Showtime is 8 p.m. Doors open one hour prior to the show. Tickets start at $30 plus tax and convenience fees. Tickets are available online at the IP Casino website and through Ticketmaster.

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Senate has released a provocative new campaign ad that shows him putting together a gun blindfolded. Jason Kander, a former U.S. Army captain who is challenging Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt for his Senate seat, is seen in an empty warehouse casually assembling an AR-15 rifle on a desk while discussing his military experience and support for both Second Amendment rights and background checks. Sen. Blunt has been attacking me on guns, Kander says in the 30-second spot that was posted online Thursday. Well, in the Army, I learned how to use and respect my rifle. In Afghanistan I volunteered to be an extra gun in a convoy of unarmed SUVs. I also believe in background checks, Kander continues, so that terrorists cant get their hands on one of these. Kander then removes the blindfold, looks into the camera and says: I approved this message, because Id like to see Senator Blunt do this. Earlier this month, the National Rifle Association released an ad attacking Kander . Defend your rights, a voiceover in the NRA ad says. Defeat Jason Kander. Reblog

It would also allow the city to entertain other options for the vacant land reserved for the casino . A referendum allowing the gaming in Linn County will expire in 2021, requiring another vote gambling games to allow gaming here. Brent Oleson, a Linn County Supervisor and member of the non-profit Linn County Gaming Association, which applied for the Cedar Crossing license, said he is keeping an open mind. He noted the new investors would likely want to work through his association to get a license, but they could also form a new non-profit to request the license. Im not sure Im ready to belly up to the table and throw another set of dice yet, but Im not not interested either, he said. Emerson said he plans to reach out to previous investors to inquire about their interest on this project. Until we better understand the project and have discussions with our board of directors, community business leaders who have invested millions of dollars, the City of Cedar Rapids, Linn County and our non-profit partner the Linn County Gaming Association, we have no comment, said Steve Gray, Chairman of the Cedar Rapids Development Group. Jeff Lamberti, chairman of the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission , said the commission fully studies all license requests, and its hard to say whether the market conditions that was part of derailing the last request will hold true with this project. Its safe to say a smaller facility is likely to have less impact on other facilities, but we wont know what the numbers will be until we conduct a financial study, he said.

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